November 30

In most of my travels, I go to places considered “developing nations.” This serves as a sharp contrast to the modern Western world of America. One of the things that makes Cuba interesting, is it’s unique mixing of these two spheres. There are beautiful buildings with stunning architecture right next to shanties falling apart at […]

October 31

This is my ninth week of classes at the University of Havana. My first impression of the school, back in September, was its disturbing similarity to high school. You have to ask permission to enter or leave the room while the professor is present. During class, couples sit next to each other holding hands and […]

October 19

Cuba, by American standards, is a poor country. The TVs, computers, and cars are old and boxy. The food is simple and hearty. There are no designer stores, five star restaurants, day spas, or outlet malls. The average person’s wardrobe is a tenth the size and the houses are maybe half. These differences, however, don’t […]

September 20

Hurricane Irma has made for an interesting introduction to Cuba. Because of the power outages, the university, and most of the rest of the city, was shut down for more than a week. Though the storm itself was not that strong in my neighborhood, I did have to stay indoors for three days. I’m generally […]

August 24

I leave for Cuba August 30th and will arrive in Havana at 1:53 pm. Beyond this, I don’t know much. But I am excited for the adventure and all the unknowns. I have traveled before, but I think Cuba will be the most different and unfamiliar place I’ve ever been. Sometimes my pride and love […]